Getting Ready To Be Motivated


We talk a lot about motivation, or the lack of it, when we are challenged to start something new. It can feel like a lot of emotional energy and physical time to achieve your goals. Motivation is, when we break it down, the special sauce that drives you to start, guides you to keep going and maintains that buzz when you get there. Motivation is also something we can get stuck in, really easily. Fear of failure, or fear of success, lack of belief you can do it, or it will make any difference at all, no support or negative feedback, all contribute to our motivation levels. Motivation has a biological, cognitive, and social driver that creates the push to keep going. WHAT IS MOTIVATION? How about we dig a little deeper? Being AWARE of what triggers your motivation (or demotivation if that is what happens to you), can give you the bounce forward you need, next time you hit a hurdle or begin to think it is all in the ‘too hard box.’ We are encouraged by things outside of ourselves (these are called extrinsic rewards) and can look like an award, peer group praise, achievement of something you need or have wanted. Equally extrinsic reactions can make us avoid doing so many things (trying a new look, changing career paths, staring a new hobby). Of course, if we are motivated by things outside of ourselves, then we must also be motivated by things we believe in or desire (intrinsic rewards). A need for success? A purpose to belong. A drive to be better