Finding My Tribe


I’m pretty sure you have all realised we are very socially driven creatures. We function so much better in groups and amongst likeminded people. Just think about social media, it is hugely popular because we all desperately want to belong. Even if it is by a bunch of strangers on the other side of the world. Let’s have a think about what being in your tribe really means. Finding people who get you and you get them is an immediate resilience builder. To start with having and maintaining a sense of belongingness is one of our most basic needs and impacts upon our psychological and physical wellbeing. To belong really means we are able to develop attachments to groups or individuals. It is part of all our genetic makeup, to want to be accepted and embraced into a group of some kind, (think family, culture, religion, relationships, social or work). In turn this sense of belongingness allows us to give back to those we are attached to, increasing our wellbeing, (we are all about what we give back to this world as a part of our AWARENESS).