Commit To Change


Okay so you heard them say it. You watched the new personnel arrive and the renovations are in full swing. Or maybe a friend has a new partner and is introducing them to the group. Or you have to move house, job or location? Why do we feel so anxious? Why does change in our lives and work environment make us so nervous? Happiness has many components and a large piece of the How to Be Happy Pie is in our ability to accept change, be flexible and adaptable. If we start to block change, stamp our feet and refuse to move with it we lose the moment to grow, challenge ourselves on a personal level and participate in the new. Our negativity can become a contagion amongst our colleagues and friends and family. Staff rooms become spaces to complain and moan instead of to encourage and excite. No matter how much shifts and moves around us we are responsible for our own happiness and the way we accept the inevitable. Change will happen with or without us.